October 28, 2021

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5 warning signs Your body is too acidic and how to fix it

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our body is too acidic

Gautam Goyal from Houston says when your body is balanced properly, hormonally as well as PH-wise, everything will seem okay. Your energy, digestion, and mood will be more positive and efficient. However, if your body’s pH levels are not balanced means your body is not in an optimal state and you might feel a bit off. Keeping your body happy can boost the performance and productivity in the day and it will also be better to have health and happiness for a longer time. 

When looking at the human body, pH also known as the power of hydrogen is how the hydrogen ion concentration is measured in the body. This results in the proportions of how alkaline and acidic solutions exist and affect our bodies. The nutrition coaches tell that for a person’s body to thrive, remain in balance, and avoid health problems, it is necessary to maintain the ideal pH which is 6.7 – 7.5 just slightly alkaline. 

Being health coaches, they themselves notice when their pH is off that can be the result of not eating well, stressed out or not digesting the food properly. Therefore, they strive to eat the foods that are less acidic and more alkaline. They even opt for exercise and relaxation techniques to reduce their stress not to boot the digestion and immunity. It is suggested that overly acidic pH can harm your bone health, nutrient retention and cell preparation. The studies made over these topics show that there may be some value in adopting alkaline diets to lower the risk of death due to chronic diseases. 

Still when more research is on these health effects, the diet is more alkaline and also higher in whole, nutritionally in dense foods having strong effects on our overall health. Gautam Goyal Houston is here with a few warnings showing your body is too acidic.

Low energy

If you are feeling fatigued of nowhere, excessive acidity might to be blamed. It is because being in acidic state like this will make it difficult for your body to absorb the minerals and nutrients. Such minerals and nutrients may be the actual source of creating the energy in body. If you ever feel fatigued, look for some more nutrient-dense food such as vegetables and fruits to maintain your nutrient balance. 

Weakened bones

If you are more prone to injuries and falls, it could show an imbalance in the pH levels. The experts explain that when our bodies are more acidic, they try to compensate by leeching alkalize minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the bones leaving them weak. Even though some of the studies find it to be a slight effect. You must try supplementing your diet with calcium to prevent osteoporosis or osteopenia that are both bone density disorders. 


If you consume too much acid in the diet, you might find your stomach getting upset more often that you have. Seemingly the healthy foods such as citrus, tomatoes, garlic and onions or other foods having high acid in them can trigger the acid reflux or other gastrointestinal disorder. You can even have a talk with your doctor to make the major lifestyle changes you can make in your life to reduce the chances of having upset stomach. 

Poor dental health

The study of International Journal of chemical engineering an applications show that poor dental health and enamel degradation can be a sign showing that there is too much acidity in your body and the pH levels are out of whack. If you get cavities or have trouble in eating too hot or cold foods without experiencing pain, it can be the sign that you have exposed to too much acid. At such times try avoiding sodas or fruit juices that are overly acidic to protect your teeth. 

High stress

We are definitely aware of how to avoid the stress as much as possible but sometimes it keep creeping on us. Stress puts more pressure on the body and life making it difficult to function effectively even the routine tasks of life. Stress can affect the pH balances and even poor diet. If you feel too stressed, it can hurt your health as well as hormonal balance. There are numerous effects that stress can have over your body leading to health issues if left unaddressed. The techniques such as mindfulness meditation and exercise can be accepted to reduce the stress. 


Gautam Goyal Houston says that if you face any of these issues in your body, they simply define that your pH levels are off. Having an imbalance can lead to bad health and wellbeing hence be cautious and eat nutritionally dense foods, sleep, exercise, and take care of yourself every day. These were only a few of the warning signs and there can be even more depending on the nature of your body.

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