December 7, 2021

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Discover the Oven Maintenance Usage Tips

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Ovens are easily one of the most useful kitchen appliances that come to your rescue every now and then. However, are you giving your oven the care and maintenance that it requires, and very well deserves? If not, this is the right time to start! 

Appliance maintenance is important so that you do not have to go for appliance repair quite often. In this post, we share with you over maintenance tips that are highly effective and can improve the performance and life of your oven. Let’s start! 

Disclaimer – If you feel that it’s too late to start maintaining your oven and it’s already broken and needs repair, it is advised to avail the help of a professional appliance repair service. 

Most Important Tips for Oven Maintenance

1. Clean the Oven Regularly

The first, most obvious, yet highly ignored tip regarding oven maintenance is to ensure its proper and regular cleaning. Cooking is no doubt a multi-layered process that involves a number of steps, processes, and hell a lot of ingredients. 

The spillovers, gunk, and grime from cooking can impact the performance of your oven, if not handled properly. It can make your oven less efficient, and troublesome. In fact, even the safety of your oven is compromised if it is not clean.  

Therefore, you should clean any spillage or splatter on the oven after every round of cooking, as soon as the oven cools down. Further, it is recommended to get a thorough cleaning done from an appliance repair service, at least once in a year. 

Here are the cleaning steps you can follow to clean your oven properly on your own.

  1. Turn off the electricity supply and remove the plug from the switchboard. 
  2. Start by cleaning the exterior of the oven with a damp cloth, including the top, bottom, and the oven door. 
  3. Gently scrub the interiors of the oven with any degreasing agent. You can also use regular soap water if the degreasing agent is not available. 
  4. Make sure to rinse the oven thoroughly and dry it with an absorbent cloth before you reconnect the electricity supply. 

2. Keep it Safe from Liquids

As we know it, electricity does not go very well with water! Therefore, it is important that any liquid ingredient does not get speed into the internal circuitry of the oven during the cooking process. A trace of a liquid getting in touch with the circuit can become the cause of an electric short. 

Apart from cooking, special care needs to be taken while cleaning the oven as well. Water and cleaning solution should not be used to clean the critical areas and opening of the oven, like the area behind the oven knobs. Instead, you can use a microfibre cloth for cleaning, or lightly spray the liquid cleaner instead of splashing it. 

3. Never Overload or Congest the Oven 

Overloading the oven adversely impacts its performance, while also increasing the risk of fire. There is a logical reason for this phenomenon. When the oven is crowded to the neck, the heated air is unable to circulate freely inside it, bringing down the effectiveness of the oven. 

Therefore, it is recommended to plan your cooking in phases and place the items in a staggered manner, rather than doing it all in one go. This will help you maintain the performance of your oven for a longer period of time, and save your appliance repair expenses to a great extent. 

4. Keep a Check on the Gaskets and Door Lock

The function of the gasket (seal of the oven) and the door lock is to ensure that heat does not escape out of the oven during the cooking process. However, with consistent use, these heat conserving components of the oven may develop some defects or deformities. 

Therefore, it is important to take special care of these two components and use them carefully. Sometimes, they are the main cause of the oven underperforming. 

A regular check on these components will help you discover the defects in them if any and seek a replacement if necessary. 

5. Lubricate The Motor Regularly

The motor of the blower is one of the most important internal components of the oven. Many of the oven models have oil cups in their blower motors. If your oven too has these, you will have to lubricate them on a regular basis to keep them functioning properly. 

You can do that quickly, simply by applying about 5 drops of oil on the motor cups, twice a year. is one of the most crucial components of the oven Avoid over-lubricating, which can cause additional performance problems.

Bottom Line

Proper oven maintenance by following the above tips can improve your oven’s performance and save you a lot of time money. However, if you are facing persistence issues in your oven, never shy away from seeking professional help of a good a[ppliamce repair company. 

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