Tips to Choose the Best Permanent Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services

Any organization should hire the right people for the smooth running of the organization with a view to achieving its objectives. Though companies may undertake internalization of recruitment, it is strenuous as it takes away company’s resources to other productive areas. Permanent recruitment services are helpful herein.

These are specialized companies that screen candidates for various job vacancies. Nevertheless, as there are many recruiting agencies out there, it is hard to pick the best one. Choose the best permanent recruiting services wisely, please use these tips to assist you in making that decision.

Consider Their Experience and Expertise

The expertise and experience have to be taken into consideration while judging recruitment agencies. Choose an agency with many years in business, which can demonstrate their success cases. A seasoned company will be familiar with the local job market, understanding the available talents. At this juncture, they will appreciate your hiring demands and recruit appropriate applicants for you.

Find out if the agency specifically handles recruiting jobs within your industry vertical. Recruiters rely on industry specific knowledge to contact their pools of professional contacts thereby understanding emerging trends in various fields. This is where they can assist in sourcing for candidates who possess the right skills, qualifications, as well as experience suitable for your organisation’s needs. Get information concerning the success stories from previous clients in terms of placements that were made in same positions. Recruiters often win because of the experience and domain knowledge.

Evaluate Their Sourcing Methods and Resources

Therefore, when selecting a permanent recruiting agency, you need to check the sources where they find candidates that match your vacancies. Multiple sourcing strategies will help a good agency find suitable labor. Specify for the agency to give you a breakdown of how they conduct their sourcing. For this, these companies should have an elaborate and expansive list of all available candidate profiles that had been sourced in a long while during their past searches. They have a huge database that they can readily mine talent from for your roles.

Another important question is if they are active in professional networking platforms because it provides recruiters with an opportunity for direct contacts and referrals from online networking’s. Other forms of agency include social media which constitute channels for employer branding and talent attraction. It seeks to explain the entire depth and width of an agency’s sourcing model. Having a good recruitment partner who adopts various sources in terms of getting your preferred candidates is also another way that can increase the likelihood of securing qualified candidates for your positions.

What is their screening and evaluation process?

An organization should only hire qualified employees when hiring for key positions. Therefore, it is vital to examine the screening methods of the recruiting agency. The agency has a strong screening process that screens the most appropriate applicants from many other applicants in order to meet your needs effectively. The screening process should consist of several phases of assessment. The process will start with a phone screen of every candidate in the first stage. It helps them establish initial contact with the candidate and assess some of the qualifications they possess in relation to the available openings.

After shortlisting, this is done to test technical skills for the position or skill-based assessment. It objectively assesses their subject knowledge and skills. After this evaluation, the agency should carry out extensive vetting of the selected candidates. This entails references-checking to verify educational backgrounds, past jobs and assigned responsibilities. These will involve checking on experiences as recorded and whether it is possible to ascertain consistency with other records or references already available. This prevents falsifications or exaggerations in resumes.

Request for information about placement guarantees/fees and refund policies

Trusted sources have placement warranties that help you mitigate against the risk of hiring. Ask about such guarantees – whether they are limited in time upon joining or related to performance assessments. Moreover, enquire about their pricing plans in advance as well; if they charge for every placement (success fee) or retainers. Compare the benefits you are hoping to get with the costs to make sure you have good return on investment. If need be, negotiate for the fees to reach an acceptable agreement.

Check Client Testimonials and References

Interview a few of their former clients based on their satisfaction from doing business with the agency. Did the agency have a clear understanding of the nature of business and the expectations of the client? Were they happy with the level of candidates supplied to them? Were these positions effective in the end? The reputation of such companies provide unbiased report on agencies’ service standards, positive feedback and recommendations. Additionally, you may request the agency to provide reference companies with first hand reviews based on their experiences as a customer of them. 

Assess their communication and management process

Communication should be transparent and pro-active during the recruitment life cycle.”ityEngineer Ensure that you ask the following questions. How will the agency keep you in touch with progress, sharing candidate data, and schedules for interviews among others? Will the assigned Account Manager be your direct contact throughout? Applicant Tracking Portals and Collaboration Tools are adopted by good agencies that provide convenient update solutions. It should also include that they have to be responsive to you and give you updates in a timely manner. Providing the visibility and control over the hiring process through proper communications and management.

Check Certifications and Industry Recognition

Find out about these agencies that have been certified by organizations such as the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). These are some of the third-party certifications that serve as proof of their commitment to quality standards & best practices. Also, look at industry awards or recognition for excellence. Certifications and rewards, although not mandatory, show that an individual is competent, trustworthy and reputable within the recruiting industry. This implies that the agency strives for growth.


Assessing permanent staffing recruitment agencies based on the above criteria will help you to identify the most suitable provider capable of adequately meeting your hiring goals. Search for a highly skilled, resourced and reliable partner who has a solid reputation when it comes to talent finding for important roles of yours. The correct recruitment partner is in essence an important resource for constructing a successful team of personnel.

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