Exciting Math Activities for Kids

Math Activities for Kids

Math is an important part of kids’ learning. It teaches them significant life skills that can be implemented in all aspects of life. When you teach the little ones multiplication tables like 3 times table, they eventually learn different math operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Moreover, they help them solve complex problems, calculate and measure. During the initial stages of learning math, kids might find it difficult to understand and remember their properties. But, you can teach math in simple ways by engaging them in interactive activities and games like counting and calculating games.

Besides, children can be introduced to the 4 times table available at Osmo to help them learn the multiplication times tables. Math plays a vital part in a kid’s development and supports them to make important decisions and problem-solving abilities. Little ones between the age of 1 to 5 years would be starting to discover colors, shapes, and patterns, count objects, and compare sizes. Involve kids in math plays in block play, pretend play, outdoor play, literacy play, and science play. Parents can also use early math skills throughout their games, experiences, activities, and daily routines, whether at home or school.

Fun Math Activities

Math activities can be introduced to the little ones either at school or at home. During the holidays, you can engage kids in theme-based math activities like Easter egg counting games, Christmas cookies, adding exercise, and many more. By doing this, little learners find it fun and enjoy their learning to the fullest. Also, you can teach them 3 times table, available at Osmo, and ask them to recite it aloud. When kids are engaged in various activities, they don’t feel the stress of learning counting, adding or subtracting the numbers. Here are some of the exciting math activities for kids to engage in.

  • Shapes and Patterns: This activity includes recognizing or making shapes and patterns. For instance, Anne and Betty sat on the floor next to each other. Anne kept a magnetic block. “I’m creating a house,” she said as she joined some more magnetic blocks together. She then took away one magnetic block and said, “This has to be here,” and pointed at her magnetic blocks on the floor. Betty saw Anne’s magnetic blocks and pointed down at her magnetic blocks. “I’m making a cookie”. Anne and Betty created different types of shapes and patterns with magnetic blocks to create a symmetrical structure.
  • Measurement Activities: This activity helps kids compare and order objects to figure out weight, time, graphing and length. For instance, Kate held up her teddy and said, “he is taller than me.” Jerry looked towards Kate and pointed towards the block. “Me too, he is taller than me,” he said as he looked towards the top of the block. Kate and Jerry demonstrated how to compare how tall the block is to each of their respective heights.

Osmo offers a variety of math games and activities for the benefit of children. Make sure to visit Osmo’s website to learn more.

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