Top 5 Tips to opt for the Best Immigration Consultant and avoid fraud

Immigration Consultant

The decision to immigrate to Canada is a life-transforming choice. It is thus essential that you put forth immense forethought and deliberation for this decision. The immigration process can be perplexing and intricate too. It is thus always advisable that you choose the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi

You must ensure a comprehensive deliberation to make the choice of the top immigration consultants in Delhi. This will help you choose the most suitable Visa and Immigration Program. Above all, authentic and reliable Immigration Consultants will offer you a genuine evaluation of your profile. It will be of great help in maximizing the chances of success of your Canada PR Visa application. 

A proficient Canada Immigration Consultant will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your profile. They will also be able to detect the possible pitfalls and advise corrective measures. But the process of identifying the authentic Consultant is no easy task. 

Here are the top 5 tips to assist you in making the right choice: 

The Consultant must have the Canadian Government’s authorization 

You must first confirm that the Immigration Consultant has authorization or not. The Canada Immigration Consultant must be authorized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – ICCRC. 

A Certificate of Authorization is provided to all members of ICCRC. They also have a photo Identity Card that identifies their license number and name. All license numbers of ICCRC have 6 digits preceded by the letter R. You can visit the website of the ICCRC to verify if the consultant has a valid license and fulfills the government’s specifications. 

The Consultant should offer assorted solutions

The skilled Consultant must be able to identify the most appropriate Immigration Program for your Canada PR Visa application. The chosen program must evidently match your profile and enable you to get the Canada PR Visa in the shortest possible time. 

At times, it may be possible that you may not directly qualify for the Canada PR Visa or have great success chances. Then, the Consultant must be able to identify alternative options like Study Permit or Work Permit that can enable you to arrive in Canada provisionally. Later the Consultant must explain the pathway to obtain PR Visa through these provisional Visas. It must be through a personalized immigration route for you. 

The Consultant must be acquainted with the Canadian job market

Your employment history is the most vital aspect of your Canadian immigration profile. A seasoned Consultant will evaluate your current and previous job titles and compare them to occupational standards in Canada. 

Identifying the accurate occupational Code of Canada is the crucial element of your immigration application. It must also be demonstrated as to how your employment experience corresponds to the essential duties in Canadian NOC. Your application can be disapproved if you fail to ensure this. 

The Consultant has to intimate you regarding any licensure process and assist in it if your occupation is regulated in Canada. It is a highly essential part of your Canada PR Visa application. This is because you have to prove to the Visa authorities that you are competent to work In Canada. 

Having your experience and qualifications assessed is a compulsory requirement. It must be through an authorized third party that will carry out the conversion comparable with standards in Canada. 

The Consultant has to be updated with modifications in immigration processes 

Studying and comprehending immigration regulations and laws is highly crucial. Immigration has a dynamic framework and changes keep occurring regularly. Such changes may present an opportunity or challenge for your Visa application based on various factors and circumstances. 

 The Consultant can rely on a team of specialists 

Every Immigration Consultant can function independently. Nevertheless, having a team of consultants for supporting various functions can enhance successful outcomes. It is especially true in the case of challenging scenarios. 

5 Tips to safeguard against fraud

  • Be cautious of everything that appears too good to be truthful

Availing services of a Representative will not ensure 100% guarantee that your Visa application will be approved or processed quickly 

  • Watch out for representatives who inspire giving incorrect facts 

Doing so is illegal and you may be prevented from arriving in Canada or extradited upon arrival 

  • Never provide signatures on blank application forms 

Do not offer your signature on any document or forms before reading them. Seek translation assistance from someone if you are unable to understand them. 

  • Ensure that you receive regular updates from your Consultant regarding your immigration 
  • Safeguard your funds and remember – 
  • The Government will never make a call to you and instruct depositing money into a personal bank account 
  • The Government will never instruct you for a money transfer via a private funds transfer firm 
  • The fees of the Government is in CAD – Canadian Dollars and uniform globally 
  • Obtain a receipt for payment each time you pay the Consultant 

The Ontario Phishing Email case 

The Ontario case is a fine instance of the most regularly utilized fraud efforts. Scammers circulate emails and claim to represent a specific Immigration Office, Ontario in this case. They then seek an amount of cash for continuing the application processing. 

Such cluster emails are generally circulated amongst arbitrary recipients. It means anyone who does not have any immigration requirements can also receive such emails. The scammers intend to entrap a minimum of 1 or 2 people who can trust such emails. 

Earlier, detecting such emails was easier due to the substandard grammar or tone lacking genuineness. However, the scammers are now getting smarter, and such emails are professionally designed. So you must be doubly cautious. 

Meanwhile, Ontario published the below advice for identifying fraud emails: 

  • OINP will never send you Provincial Nomination Certificate through email 
  • The Fax number and Contact phone number on the Certificate in this case has an area code 708. It is not the area code for Ontario and does not relate to OINP in any manner. 
  • The fake certificate has a reference to the CIC Visa Office. The Government of Canada has updated the name of the Immigration Department of Canada. It is now known as the IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 
  • OINP will never instruct you to make payment through a wire transfer. Also, you will never be instructed to make payment of “Fee for Right to Permanent Residence”. OINP asks applicants to make administration fee payments upfront and one time through a virtual system. No payment of fees is required upon approval of the Provincial Nomination Certificate. 

Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi

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