Window Maintenance Tips

How you maintain your window will affect its functionality, look, and also their durability. Rains, leaves, dirt, pollen, and debris can build up on your windows. 

Keep your windows looking fresh and new all seasons by cleaning them twice a year. Here are some of the tips for cleaning your window.

Clean on a Dry, Cloudy Day

Choose to clean your window on a dry, cloudy day.  Your cleaner can dry into the windows before you get a chance to wipe when you decide to clean in the blazing sun, leaving streaks that can give you a hard time removing from your window. 

There’s no need to continue with your cleaning if the weather isn’t pleasing. Avoid cleaning your window on a sunny day.

Remove Dirt and Dust

Ensure you remove dirt and dust first before washing. Use a brush to sweep your window frame to get rid of dust. 

You can also use your machine’s dusting attachment to vacuum it up. By removing dirt and dust, you’ll prevent the dirt from turning muddy when you mix it with your cleaner.

If your window’s screen looks grimy, then pop it out and use hot, sudsy water and a soft brush to clean it. Then, rinse and let it dry before turning it back. Use microfiber to duster both sides to make shades and blinds dust quickly.

Use Squeegee to Dry Your Window After Washing

Professional high rise window cleaning experts use the right tools such as a squeegee to dry windows. Such tools are more effective compared to rag and old newspapers. You can use an old towel to take care of the squeegee between swipes and catch the drips. 

Ensure you’re not empty-handed when dripping starts happening. Bring an old cloth or towel when you begin cleaning your window. When you need to clean bigger picture windows, you can never go wrong with a squeegee. 

Use Homemade Window Cleaner

 Make sure you pick the right cleaner and spritz it generously on your window. You can use the spray if your window looks too dirty. 

Ensure you use plenty of cleaners to allow dirt to dissolve and suspend. This will ensure you completely wipe away the dirt because streaks will accumulate in your window if you skimp.

Making homemade window cleaners is cheap, easy, and provides effective cleaning. Make your cleaning solution by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water.

For tough window stains, add two tablespoons of ammonia. Ensure you wear protective gear such as gloves while mixing your solution. After cleaning, use a crumpled newspaper to dry your glass. This will give your window a sparkling finish.

Clean Using a Microfiber Cloth

Dry your window panes using reusable microfiber cloths. Old newspapers and rugs are also good but not the best. Microfiber cloths are highly absorbent, washable, and can leave your glass shiny and free from streaks. 

But if you decide to use a paper towel, then use a brand that’s up to the task. You can leave behind a lint if you use a weak paper towel due to shredding.

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